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If you are here, you are probably searching for a way to get all those pending members into your Facebook group without having to pay someone hours and hours. Or, maybe you just have the information you want to collect from the three questions you ask (like their email address?) and waste a lot of time recording all that information into a spreadsheet.


Save Time & Money:

What if I told you with the click of a button you could admit Facebook group members in bulk and all their info would be put into a spreadsheet? Well, it is possible! On one of my interviews, someone approached me with this Chrome extension they were using called Group Funnels.

It was a one time fee of $297.00. I loved this because most things you have to pay monthly or yearly for. This was one and done. Plus, I was already paying my virtual assistant (by the hour) to approve members and record all the information.

I could hook it up to as many groups as I wanted and never have to pay for it again. This tool has paid for itself over and over again at my company. I have been using it since the summer of 2018 and love it!

Want More Leads In Your Business?

Group Funnels makes it so easy to add people to your email list and send them an email. What if every time you pressed approve, your group members got an email message with a video of you saying hello and welcome to the community?

What if that email triggered a series of emails that nurtured them to purchase a certain product, got them to listen to your podcast, or a free download of some sort?

Honestly… anything is possible. Group Funnels adds the information that you request when new members join to the spreadsheet that you determine. After that, your possibilities are endless because of Zapier and what it can do for you.

You Are Sitting on a Gold Mine!

Stop wasting time recording every person that comes to your group. Or, stop NOT recording it because you are too busy to do anything with the information. Most group admins are sitting on a gold mine but don’t have the processes in place to support their busy lives. Let Group Funnels take care of it for you. I highly recommend it!

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