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How To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Company Culture and Revenue

Ever feel lost and confused when someone tells you to start a Facebook group? Learn the elements it takes to extract six figures from the members of your Facebook group by applying specific elements to build the community, allow it to form and bond, while creating raving fans of your brand.

Have you ever been frustrated by not getting leads for new customers like you want? Wish you knew how to make Facebook not suck all of your time? You won’t want to miss this!

Bella Vasta will share practical key systems you can put in place that will help you maximize the results you can get using the powerful place of Facebook to get more phone calls, messages and positive branding for your grooming business.

8 Key Things You Must Do Well on Facebook to Grow Your Business

The Sales Conversation You Must Learn To Have

If you have any negative feeling towards a conversation around sales, you have already lost the battle and leaving the entire interaction up to chance.

  • Discover how not to feel like a sleazy salesman/woman and get your prospect feeling like you are their new best friend.
  • Learn how you can get them to know, like, and trust you while having fun the next time you are in a sales situation.

If you are not good at talking with people and are an introvert this workshop will be enlightening as it will be educational giving you the confidence in the next sales situation you find yourself in.

Networking doesn’t have to be a scary word. Learn as Bella shows you how to network like a pro without shaking in your boots. You will learn exactly what works when networking in big crowds to 1:1 so you can get the right types of people in your circle to help boost your business relationships.

Barking Up The Right Tree: Networking Your Pet Business To Get You Everything You Ever Wanted

Catastrophe Proofing Your Business To Survive Life’s Biggest Challenges

If you have been in business for at least 3 years, chances are at some point something is going to happen to you or someone you love causing you the need to remove yourself from your business temporarily. Even if that doesn’t happen, burnout will come knocking at your door and it is important to step away from your business.

If either of this happens, will your business be able to operate with you removed? Prepare your business for life’s inevitable catastrophe’s as we explore the exact systems every single business needs to have in place in order to have their business thrive in their absence.

What Attendees Are Saying…

“She is phenomenal. She is so inspiring!”

“If I was putting together an event, I would hire Bella… the way that she communicates to the heart of everyone in the room just blew me away.”

“She was one of the most involved and motivating speakers”


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