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Self-doubt. I get it. We all have it. If someone tells you they don’t have it, they are lying.

But what we do with it matters. Do we believe it? Do we act on it? Do we prove it wrong? And why is it so easy for some to push past it and others become paralyzed? Where does it come from and can we “cure” ourselves? Here is my take on it:


The Chair:


I think there is a direct correlation between the negative and positive self-talk we tell ourselves and the results of our life. Honestly, that person who is over sitting in the corner thinking about the same thing for months and the million reasons why they can’t get up off that chair and start stepping will be in that same chair months from now. That type of self-talk isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Alternatively, there is another person, in another corner that just fell into the chair, not really sure how… but there nonetheless. They are sitting there wanting to get up off the chair. The consider that they don’t actually know how to walk and they even question how do they do it? will they hurt themselves? and then something in them just says

Screw it. And they get up to walk. And then after two steps they fall down. Ah! But they learned something that the person in the other corner didn’t.


They actually were able to take two steps and that is momentum further than many paralyzed will ever make.


Our direct actions will predict what we are successful and unsuccessful with. If you are thinking, talking, consumed with toxic thoughts – your life will be consumed by that. The grass is only greener where it is watered.

So, what do we do with this self-doubt? How strong are you? How strong is your mind? Who do you have in your life to help cheer you on? If you take a look at the five closest people in your life I bet that describes exactly who you are. Am I right? That is what happens. We are products of our environments. That is why you have to be aware and fight hard.

Fight hard for the company you keep. Surround yourself with people you admire and want to be like. Fight hard for what you feed your airwaves. What music or podcasts are you listening to? Destructive or uplifting? Fight hard to acknowledge what you are telling yourself on an hourly and daily basis.


It all matters to whether you get off that chair or sit out the dance of life.


If you do not believe in yourself, if you do not fight to pour into yourself you can never expect anyone else to believe in you, buy from you, partner with you, want to be with you.

You can’t fake this one.

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  • This resonates with me – great blog thank you! I am in that chair and about to launch off it and make my website officially open for viewing… it’s scary! But I need it to happen for me personally because it’s my passion. I think being passionate about something certainly helps in pushing yourself forward even if there is doubt there.

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