My name is Bella Vasta, and my business is your business—making it successful, that is. My consulting firm is called Jump Consulting, which I named after I jumped out of a (perfectly good) airplane at 13,000 feet. My motto is Always Keep Jumping, and I am here to help you leap to the next level for your pet business.

From systems and processes to leadership and networking skills, I have coached and consulted businesses since 2007 and published some of the most comprehensive research on relevant industry topics. You could say I wrote the book on it because I did: The Four Types of Dogs Every Business Needs: How to Build the Right Team to Grow Your Business and Have a Balanced Life.

Why should you listen to me? I won the National Pet Sitting Business of the Year award by 25, built and sold my first company by 30 and my second company by 34. I was also featured as one of 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 in the Arizona Republic. My work has been featured on Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post, and seen on ABC, NBC, and FOX.  I have been a guest on NPR, Martha Stewart’s Cat Chat Radio and my podcast Bella in your Business is popular for business owners both in and out of the pet industry.

If you commit to hard work first, opportunity will follow. Prove to yourself that you are a fighter and you will persevere. Always keep jumping—even when you don’t feel like it. Jumping will keep the blood flowing and you moving, and when you are moving, it is hard to be paralyzed.

I have a talent for sniffing out baloney and will call my clients out on it every single day if necessary. As a result, my clients write themselves regular paychecks, take long vacations (unplugged), and achieve their goals, formerly known as dreams. Don’t believe me? Ask them.

I am a special needs Mom, a daughter, a friend, and a woman of faith. I am an author, an entrepreneur and a leadership speaker. I am part coach, part consultant, and part cheerleader, but I am all in when it comes to keeping you on task for chasing your dreams.

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I would love to learn your story. My website is  Fill out the Work With Me tab, and I will give you a call. For daily doses of business advice and resources, follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Also, check out my video resources on my YouTube channel.

We’ve got this!

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