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Bella, thank you for traveling to Kansas City this week and delivering such a high-energy, on-target presentation to our team! The feedback I heard afterward was that people loved your talk and they were immediately brainstorming other ways for you to get in front of our case managers and many other team members. I also heard of a couple people sending video texts right afterward. You were the perfect person for this task and we appreciate all the research and also personal connection you brought to the topic. I want to find some ways to stay in touch and work together again the future. Thank you!

Jenny Kutz, from KVC Health Systems

I Want To Be Your Next Speaker

What a task you have undertaken by trying to find the perfect speaker for your event! I can imagine there are a lot of questions running through your mind. I have been in your position before planning a couple different conferences in my past.

I know you want the best fit for your event because the speakers are representing your organization and ultimately one of the biggest factors that will keep wanting your attendees to come back again next year.

I hope that this page will help you answer any questions you might have and make you confident should you decide to grace me with the honor of speaking in front of your organization.

Stages Recently Spoken On

DECA, Phoenix AZ, November 2017
Pet Boarding and Day Care, Burbank CA, May 2018
American Marketing Association (AMA), Tempe, AZ, March 2018
Groom Expo West, Pasadena, CA, February 2018
Social Media Week Lima, OH, July 2018
KVC Health Systems, Keynote, Olathe, KS, July 2018
4th Quarter Marketing Workshop, Dedham, MA, August 2018
Holiday Marketing Workshop, Philadelphia, PN September 2018
Hustle PHX, Aug 2018
Groom Expo Conference East, Hershey, PN September 2018
Social Media Marketing World, San Diego, CA 2019

What Attendees Are Saying

Being a wife and mother of four, my fear of not being able to manage my success with my family life has held me back…Bella has been a Godsend in coaching my business growth and at the same time, streamlining my life so that I do more now (in every area of my life) than I ever have! True abundance is being able to enjoy all of life’s blessings and with the help of Bella, and I am finally able to do just that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Jennifer McCormick, McCormick Legacy Partners

Had the privilege of hearing Bella speak at Arizona State’s AMA chapter meeting, her enthusiasm and stories of entrepreneurship in creating something through what she loves were inspiring. Bella even took the time out to help me set goals and deliver advice for setting up a podcast for my start-up, would recommend her to all!

- Eric Johnson, Arizona State's AMA Chapter Meeting, Tempe, AZ

I was blown away and I know the girls all were as well.

- Ashley Law, Junior League of Phoenix

I am here to say that Bella has helped me grow my business 100%. If you are even thinking of having Bella coach you, DO IT NOW!!! She is a rockstar and REALLY knows what she is talking about and if she does not have the answer (rare) she will get it answer for you. Thank you, Bella, for you do to help me grow my business.

- Maureen Dunn McCarthy

Bella has a genuine insight that is fresh, innovative and inspiring. She brings an energy to the coaching that makes you have the confidence that you can do this! You’d be silly not to listen to what she has to say and take a look at what she has to offer. I’m certainly glad I ran into her, FINALLY!

- Cara Armour

I feel so bad for my competition now that I’ve met Bella. Being a part of her Facebook groups, buying her classes, and working with her one on one has literally made me tens of thousands of dollars and possibly more if you think into the future. I now have a type of confidence in business I didn’t have before and am so much better prepared on what’s to come and how to deal with it. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Bella!

- David Steinberg

I’m currently working with Bella on improving my business practices. She is smart and creative, and most importantly she is a motivator. She has an energy that is contagious and an inner light that shines through. I’m so happy to be working with her. I have never felt this optimistic about the future of my business! She can absolutely 100% help you on one or many aspects of yours!

- Lauren Csapo Molina

What You Can Expect:

Here’s what you can expect from my team and I:

My team and I will be sure to make prompt replies to all communications via phone or email.

We will be sure to have a conversation with you or a member of your team so we can best understand exactly what your audience would be most interested in so we can have a successful presentation at your event.

I will shout your event and my position at your event from the rooftops! I have a highly active Facebook page and Instagram account. (assuming that your organization would appreciate the public attention)

An energetic and professionally prepared presentation that will leave your audience challenged and inspired. My goal is to leave a mark on all their lives.

A specific page, dedicated to your audience with a link to all slides, resources, and take-aways that they can use even after the presentation ends.

A follow up to make sure that I delivered how you expected and any feedback you might have. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

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